Shadowrun Returns #9 (Let’s Play)

Another fine Monday of wandering the streets of Seattle looking for a killer. Well, it would have been, but Squiddy agreed to help Coyote out with a certain sibling problem she’s having. So, instead of furthering her goals to finding the Ripper, she has to wander through some dingy BTL lab, Yakuza owned-no less, so Coyote can deal with some harsh realities. We all knew this was coming, but on the plus side, karma is good and there will be a new party member waiting for us at The Seamstress’ Union. At least, hopefully that will be Jessica’s worth. Money could be useful, too.

Have a looksie below and enjoy the cleanup of BTL lab and Squiddie’s first death.

Shadowrun Returns is an isometric turn-based tactical RPG by Harebrained Schemes with a story that fits in with the previous Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games. The music is actually a collaboration by the same composers what did the previous two games, that coupled with the fact there’s in-house Shadowrun franchise veterans, this game is one huge Shadowrungasm.


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