SGR: Episode 9

Another Saturday and another episode of Squiddy’s Game Ramblings!

Todays episode marks the beginning of a new age for Squiddy and this audio series, plus she also had a lot to say about stuff-mainly more about Valve’s recently announced Steam OS as wells an indie game that has been Greenlit on Steam that has her marathoning through a few older things. Thulhuween is also on the horizon! She explains what that is, too, if you have a listen. Of course, she also talks about what she’s played this week, but remember to stay tuned to the very end for some amusing bonus content!

Enjoy the episode here.



4 thoughts on “SGR: Episode 9

  1. I also like Kamen Rider, however, I do like watching the American productions of Power Rangers and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight too. Of KR I watched Ryuki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, and W. I liked Ryuki and Kabuto the most.

      • I was thinking of watching Kamen Rider Agito awhile back. I forgot to mention that I first watched Decade before any of the others. It basically gave me a taste of the previous nine years. I also watched the first 10 episodes of Kamen Rider Blade. I was not feeling that one at all.

        Finally I have to ask. Do you have any of the KR belts? I do. XD Den-O and Decade.

        ♪ Ready to go. Count zero. Kamen Rider Agito. Get on! ♪

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