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New Game Rituals

Last night I managed to finish My Sims for the Wii just before midnight. I didn’t know if my determination to finish the game would hold and I found myself wavering quite a bit. I took several breaks to record more Rain-Slicked for my channel. In retrospect I’m glad to have done that since I’ve been feeling under the weather with a bit of a fever I probably caught from the childrens play area at the local mall I took my niece and nephew to. I babysat for the babysitter.

At-any-rate, with My Sims finished, that left me a slot open for something to play. Yes, I could finish something else I’ve been working on, but I’d like to get through some Wii games. The PC is pretty much dominating on that front, which is no surprise considering how much I have for it, but it’s nice to settle down on my bed of three stacked sleeping bags (I need a new futon) and just relax with a console rather than sit at my desk. So I go over to my little media bookshelf that’s overflowing with stuff and peruse the contents. I noticed quite a few things, quite a few old things, still wrapped in plastic. I pulled one out at random, Resonance of Fate aka End of Eternity, released in 2010 developed by tri-Ace and published by Sega. I admired the cover art taking in the detail and reading all the text on the front before turning it over and doing the same for the back, straining to see the details of the screen shots. This has been in my library for a long time, but it feels new again. It’s still in plastic and hasn’t been played.

The crinkly of the plastic is satisfying in my hands and it satisfied me to play with it for a few moments longer before my thumb slid to the indented area and pressed against the plastic. My nail breached the taut film with a satisfying pop and slid inside, beneath the skin which I peeled away with the fervor of a child at Christmas time. In my hands I held my game and let my fingers caress that smooth plastic case that would quickly lose its silkiness from wear and chafing from storage. Oh! New game! How sweet your are!

And without fail, I hurt my thumbs opening the case. I always do. I’m not sure why it is, but it happens. I either cut myself on the plastic or just painfully scrape – neither of which needs to cause bleeding, but I consider it a good day if it doesn’t. It’s a bizarre thing, but I suppose that’s how it is with me and games. It’s part of the ritual and the reason a package of latex-free plasters rest in a little slot in my media shelf.

Today I didn’t need one. It was just a painful little welt that left my thumb aching for a few seconds while I removed all the inserts. I looked for any advertisements first, checking flyers for any specially cool stuff like unlock codes and such. Afterwords, I checked out the manual. I flipped through and looked over the pictures first, disappointed it’s black-and-white and not full-colour. Then it was time to read all the flavour text. It’s what I’m most interested in. I love that kind of stuff, unfortunately, Resonance of Fate doesn’t have much beyond a Prologue and brief blurbs of a few characters. I’d read the manual proper if I planned to play the game, but it won’t be today, though. I’ve no desire to play it. Just, for some odd reason, I felt like opening it up as if I were. You see, I only open the games when I intend to play them or I know they contain a code that will expire. Most of my games lately have been digital downloads and I’ve been neglected the joys of opening new stuff. I believe my PS4 will be the next thing I open and I plan to record an unboxing of it along with whatever craziness goes with it. My Vita TV will undergo the same treatment.

And that, my friends, is my crazy new game ritual.


5 thoughts on “New Game Rituals

    • It was nice to do. It sort-of took the edge off of the lack of a new-stuff high I’ve been suffering. There’s still joy I feel at digital downloads, watching and waiting for the downloads to complete and reading the online store pages and looking at all the stuff they have, but nothing beats opening physical stuffs.

      • Agreed. At Christmas time when I get just what I want in physical form it’s exciting, but if it’s digital (or a gift card) there’s little hype to be had.

    • That reminds me! I’m getting that as a gift from my BFF! ………………. I still haven’t finished Heartgold… White… White 2… Conquest… *ahem* It will have to stay in it’s box for a bit. T^T

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