On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness I Reactions

Platform: PC
Developer: Hothead Games
Release: 2008

Well, it took me a fair amount of time to get through such a short RPG – the first of the four in the series. I’ve been left with mixed feelings which had prevented me from collecting my post-play reactive thoughts. I’m still in that state as I write this, but I’ll do my best to make sense of everything.

I more-or-less knew what I would be getting into when I got this game: a basic RPG splashed with Penny Arcade humour. I didn’t quite expect just how toilet-y that humour would be. Some of it amused me, but a lot of it was more shocking in a disbelieving sense. Most of it reminded me of the gaming humour I try so desperately to avoid at the gaming table which is sadly mostly what you get gaming with a bunch of males with questionable social lives. Don’t get me wrong, the humerous campaign can be amusing from time-to-time and I do enjoy running a GURPS Illuminati University game from time-to-time, but all of my hobbies I do to get away from stupid. It’s also of no surprise I dislike most gaming humour things, such as the various webcomics devoted to it. They seem to just make things worse at the game table giving GMs and players something ‘cool’ to steal and try and pull off on their own just for the LOLs.

That aside, the game still entertained. There was something about it all that just somehow worked and I was able to not be left hating it. Perhaps it were how saturated the entire world was with the humour. I don’t know. I expect the other episodes to be more of the same and I am fine with that. It breaks up the seriousness and while not ground-breaking mechanics-wise, there’s just enough there to present an enjoyable casual RPG experience.


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