ZombiU Reactions

Platform: WiiU
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Release: 2013

Oh, my goodness. What fun I had with this game! There wasn’t terribly much to it. It had a strong emphasis on survival as in trying-not-to-die with a somewhat Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls punishment. If you died before hunting down the zombie of your previous life, you would lose what he/she was carrying. The game only keeps track of your most recent reincarnation to life as a hungry brainless member of undead society. My early experiences with the game were a lot like my first experiences with Demon’s Souls where you get just a little bit further each life.

I enjoyed the use of the WiiU gamepad. I think it was utilized rather well and as long as you were smart in where and when you decided to manage your inventory or consolt mpas and other information, you wouldn’t have a problem with getting your face chewed off by a zombie that crept up on you while your attention was diverted. I liked that. I think that’s how it should be.

Scavenging was fun and using the cameras to find out what is in area to loot and running out to get stuff. I like how stuff repopulated so you didn’t feel entirely too crushed to lose things when you failed your kill the past survivor that joined the horde. I never got tired of it. Having sewer access to take you to most areas, once you’ve found the sewer entrances, made travel a bit nicer. Of course in the tail-end of the game, you don’t have that luxury, so if you happened to have died, like i did, in Buckingham trying to make it out with the panacea through the lockdown, you have to the long, long way and it’s a brutal fight.I died several times, but I pulled through. I did it!

There is more of this in my future. I wanna try survival mode and I want to play through the campaign again. I never got the bow, so I want to try and find one and see what that is like and try and improve my score and how long I survive. I also spent a lot of time hoarding items and not really using them, so I don’t think I’ll be so conservative next time. I can always get more supplies. Always.

If there was going to be another ZombiU game, I’d like to see a different location like Venice. I think that would be magical. One can dream.


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