Further Thoughts: PS4

In my previous thoughts I had spoken about my disappointments with the store and how the controller bugs my hands, well, there’s a few more to add to this that I feel is worth mentioning:

1. No themes. There’s nothing I can do to change colours, icons, or any other visual aspects of the interface. What it is, is what it is. I wanted to at least be able to have it in pink.

2. It won’t play audio CDs nor play MP3s. It won’t read the discs, there is no player. WTF. If I want to have background music in a game, I must have a Music Unlimited subscription. No thanks.

3. I cannot connect an external hard drive. 500 gigs is a decent amount, but having the ability to connect an external drive to extend storage is a nice feature I’ve managed to get working on my PS3.


2 thoughts on “Further Thoughts: PS4

    • I had pictured a filter sheet set up like a pull down projector screen. Or I could just switch glasses every time the XMB pops up and wear my niece’s pink-tinted barbie glasses.

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