Gearing Up For Fantasy!

Gosh, Thulhuween seems so long ago and Tokusatsu month flew by; already it’s December and time for a new focus: fantasy.  That’s right, fantasy. Throughout the month of December I am going to be tackling games with fantastical settings without limiting to myself to a mechanical genre. There will likely be several RPGs of one kind or another to grace my now playing list simply because I have a lot of them, most of them fall under the fantasy genre, and I just feel like playing them. Ever since I went through Legend of Mana, which rekindled my fondness for the genre, I’ve wanted to play more of them and try and boost my tolerance and attention span.

I’ve already a plan for attack regarding the games I’d like to play and finish. Though I realise with so many it will likely take longer; I don’t particularly care.

PS2: Shadow Hearts. I started this at the request of a Backloggery friend, nsd, and am so glad I started playing this. It has such an interesting setting and simple mechanics, it reminds me of what I liked about JRPGs during its time. I actually have the interest and drive to complete whatever side-stuff the game presents, and it also had one of the most weird, uncomfortable scenes I’ve ever experienced in a video-game to-date (that I can remember). Yes, I am speaking of Sea Mama’s storytelling.

PC: Morrowind. I first placed this game on Xbox, then the GOTY edition for PC, and now Steam’s GOTY edition. I had been feeling an itching to go through this and actually complete the main storyline. However, I also decided to go with mods. I am playing with Morrowind The Rebirth with all of it’s sub modules, Better Bodies, and MCP. It should freshen up my experience. I have started the game as a high-elf Witchunter and have great plans for her.

PC: Torchlight. I have played this on my Mac, finished it on 360, and am now playing my GOG copy. It is my favourite of all Diablo clones I’ve been exposed to, and it’s very satisfying. I’m going through on hard this time around and planning to see how the new game+ mechanics work. It also gives me something mostly brainless to do.

PS3: Ni No Kuni. I have already beaten this game, one that makes me want more. It’s so gorgeous and the level of storytelling amazed me. many times I was moved to tears. I’d like to finish up some quests I’ve not finished and turn that B to a C.

PSP: Dissidia. I have been so indecisive for so long about this game, I finally got it and I’m going to play it.

Wii: The Last Story. Once Shadow Hearts is finished, I’m going to delve back into this game and give it a what for! The last time, all I did was spend too many hours customising all the characters. Appearance, for some reason, ended up being very important to me. Whatever. I’m gonna cross this off my Backloggery soon enough.

SNES: Breath of Fire. I keep starting and stopping this game and I have them all, all of them unfinished, so I’d like to start on the quest to rectify that. Again. *sigh*

3DS: Code of Princess. I didn’t like this game when I first played it. I got as far in the story to get the bard which annoyed me to high heaven, and I didn’t like how sluggish and slow the combat felt. Nevertheless, after playing so many tokusatsu beat-em-ups, I want to play more and this will fill that roll. Maybe my thoughts will change after I’ve put more time into it.

GBA: Summon Knight Swordcraft Story 2. I’ve told myself I must finish this one, before I start on 3 on my DS. I like RPGs that have more beat-em-up combat. I find them very satisfying and the grinding less annoying.

360: Risen. I started this game a couple/few weeks ago and had enjoyed it well enough. I really should finish it, so here’s hoping I do. However, I think Morrowind will take over the desire to play a game of this style.



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