Squiddles: For Her Brain Burnt Out Before A Title Could Be Thought

It’s still January and December remains a faint echo. I managed to enjoy one of my christmas gifts, Zone of the Enders HD Collection, and disaster struck. Disaster which has kept me from much enjoyables and is the reason for my disappearance. I have had lingering foot problems for awhile unaware that the pain I had experienced off-and-on were due to tiny little fractures which I still have no idea how on earth I even got. Long story short, tiny got bigger and singular and I am off my foot for the next five weeks. I can’t sit at my desk because it’s really for a kid and there’s no where for my foot to comfortably go and sitting sideways would just make my back, which already hates my current arrangements, to flare up even more. I have but my phone and tablet with which to work with and already I have screamed at auto-correct more than enough times to near the point of giving up and sinking back into the dark corners of the internet for awhile longer. I’m highly considering a keyboard peripheral for my tablet.

I have been quiet on Twitter, I haven’t returned to YouTube, I haven’t read comics, and I haven’t recorded any new Game Ramblings. What I have been doing is playing video games of which I’m almost constantly on my PS3. Granted, I find myself taking a lot of naps during pause screens, it’s my only form of entertainment. I can’t stay awake to watch even 30 minutes of any show or movie.

This Saturday I plan to record an episode of Game Ramblings using my phone and hope for the best. It’s been too long since I’ve put one out and I’ve had some great accomplishments in all this unwanted freetime.

All that aside, I’ve been doing well. It’s strange to have all this freetime, but thanks to foot and pain medicine my hands are able to hold out for long play sessions I hadn’t had the pleasure of in over a decade. There isn’t anything more disheartening than having to stop playing something I’m enjoying because I can barely hold the controller. Sometimes this is at the two hour mark, other times it’s an hour, half-an-hour, even ten minutes.

It’s terrible.

PC gaming tends to be the worst for me when I’m comfined to the use of a keyboard. My ring finger can not hold down the ‘A’ key while my pinky is on shift. My fingers are so messed up, they will not stretch like that. Moving my pinky down to shift will drag my ringfinger down with it which causes a great deal of pain. Both hands have similar problems in that I cannot move any of my fingers individually and trying to force it is stupid and just painful. Well, my thumbs are okay. This being a strong reason why I don’t type much.

All that aside, I’ve been exclusively on my PS3 merely because that is the system which is currently hooked up in my room and I can’t really deal with any other consoles. Mainly, I’ve no where to plug it in because I must share with all my fish tank stuff. I can’t keep getting up to switch out power plugs and HDMI cables; I will kill myself. My TV sits on a wooden board atop a super sized plastic bucket of Tidy Cat kitty litter, so there’s a tangle of wires at the base and there is nothing to stabilise myself as I walk over the uneven pile of blankets on the floor that is my sweetheart’s bed. I would really like to be playing Don’t Starve and Warframe, but it’s PS3 for the next five weeks.

That wasn’t really a complaint. I picked up Rain, Puppeteer, Tales of Xillia, and the DLC for Dark Souls and Defiance recently. I’ve also tons of other PSN downloads to enjoy like Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus, a bunch of PS1 classics like the Spyro collection, Crash Bandicoot collection, Syphon Filters, and plenty ‘o other stuff. I’ve got plenty to entertain me and I’ve enjoyed myself thus far.

And because I can, here’s what I’ve been doing all this time.

I got through Zone of the Enders from the HD collection I got for Christmas. I have always liked that series. I returned to Ni no Kuni to finish the post game stuff and finished up all the bounty hunts and requests before grinding to level 99 and properly raising my familiars to beat the Solloseum S rank. After all of that I ended up with my first Platinum trophy. It remains among my top RPGs of all time and thanks to having endured a cold during that time, I actually had the patience to achieve all that.

I moved on to Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen after that. I played through as a Mystic Knight and beat the dragon at level 55. I then completed the rest of the game (so confusing with two ending credit sequences) for the definitive ending which was around level 58. I immediately set out on my second playthrough where I more diligently quested and worked on enhancing gear and I took out the Ur-Dragon (it only took 8 hours of several 8-minute battles). The online Ur-Dragon was at generation 418 and I could not land the killing blow during the grace period. I’ve no desire to grind to level 200 to even be able to do it, so I chose to fight the offline Ur-Dragon. I felt a great sense of accomplishment doing that. I felt like I had been fighting him my whole life.  I moved on to Dark Arisen content which is clearly a post-game thing. I found myself struggling in various areas and having to pay more attention to consumeables and kitting. It was great fun and a nice challenge. After that, I went through the campaign and made some different choices with several of the quests to see how they played out and completed my second playthrough which netted me my second Platinum trophy. I was pleased to see that it paid atention to the first playthrough in regards to certain cut-scenes. It actually drives home what’s really going on.

And for the curious, Aelinore was my first beloved and Mercedes was my second. I’ve started my third playthrough, changing my main and pawn accordingly, based on what the ending reveals, and I’ve changed my vocation to strider. I’m level 67 and my pawn remains a sorcerer.

I was left with quite the void after all that. I had to take a break and do something different, so I decided to return to Bioshock Infinite and continue on through it. My initial tweets regarding it remain the same. In short, I did not like it at all. I do not understand the reason it is so praised. It didn’t do it for me, at all.

I found the setting of Infinite to be rather unbelievable and frankly stupid. I groaned at the reused cinematic techniques I had seen in the previous titles and found a lot of points of the game where story is concerned a bit contrived and forced. I also only missed 7 audio recording of the 80+, so i don’t want to hear any “You need to collect all the recorders” argumentative bullshit. An optional collectible meant to inflate the game while shallowly adding to the ambiance of the setting shouldn’t be required for any understanding of the story. It should simply enhance what is already present.

It’s a mediocre shooter with weaponry you really don’t have to bother with. I got through with a shotgun and machine gun. I had no need to change my weapon, so I didn’t. I had no ammo problems. I also had no need to use anything but the fire vigor. It was so damned effective and the other vigors were rather lack-luster and largely pointless, too. I deviated twice to use the water one to pull two snipers to me. That was it.

If you’re going to give me an FPS, I expect to have a need of all the weapons in the game. I expect to have a desire to want to use them. THrow in special abilities, I expect there to be a point to them. Most of all, I expect all of it to be satisfying and fun. Bioshock Infinite just wasn’t there. The combat wasn’t satisfying, the magnetic pinwheel was retarded and the executions weren’t satisfying at all, and you can probably get through the game without even so much as using a vigor, which also were not fun or satisfying to use in any way whatsoever.


To quote Mr. Horse from Ren & Stimpy, “No sir, I don’t like it.”

I have quite a bit more to say about this game, but will be saving it for my rambling.

So, after Bioshock I moved on to play a little game called Rain. I had my eye on this game since I stumbled upon it and just couldn’t bring myself to pick it up for fear that it would fail me. Having recently been on sale for plus subscribers for less than $4, I took the chance. I’m so glad I did and upset I didn’t grab this gem earlier.

I completed the game in one sitting of about 6 hours. I had left my game on pause twice for about 15 minutes each to just stare numbly. My dear friend picked up this game, too, and we both enjoyed playing it while hanging over Skype. He was overwhelmed by it’s beauty and the subtle horror of the creatures you run from and had to stop after chapter 2. I was on chapter 8 at the time. It mesmerised me the entire time.

After finishing Rain, a message appeared saying that there are memory fragments to collect. I’ve started in on those and I’ve found a few already and they seem to be a prequel, telling what happened before. I endeavor to collect them all. I’m not ready to let this game go.

Once I’ve finished with collectables, I plan to move on and play Tales of Xilia.

It is way past this squiddy’s breakfast; she still needs her coffee, so it’s time to get on that. Afters, I’ll be returning to rain for a little while then nap times before moving on to other things.

Squiddy does exist, she just has a hurt tentacle.


2 thoughts on “Squiddles: For Her Brain Burnt Out Before A Title Could Be Thought

  1. Sorry to hear about your physical problems. I am glad to read you have some good entertainment from the PS1 days to today to hopefully keep your mind off the pain. (There I go inadvertently reminding you.) Get well soon, Squiddy!

    • Thank you. It’ll be nice when things get back to normal; serious cabin fever is setting in. Still, the unplanned vacation isn’t too bad, when I’m not hurting.

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