Squiddy Diaries: Tales of Xillia 2: Poor Teepo

I nearly broke my one-game-at-a-time thing to deviate for some Brothers, or Dmc, or anything else, actually. I knew, though, that if I did, the trend would continue and I would have more starts than finishes, so I just took a break to read the book I got in the mail: Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide. It’s been a humorous read and I’m happy I’m getting more of an attention span.

Thoughts So Far

I’m so glad I don’t have to talk to everybody like in older RPGs that would be littered with tons of people with hardly any of them worth the reading time. I’m also happy that people with events/quests have a special icon to identify them. That saves me from having to talk to the few people you can talk to.

I’m starting to feel burnout setting in. I’ve clocked in 47 hours and I’m ready for the game to be over.  I’m going to press onward and set different goals to work on to see if it alleviates things, but aside from that, I’ve been enjoying the story.


Well, I was able to save Governer Cline. We rode a green vector paper airplane of spiritual arte greatness (dumb) and Alvin shot the core. Citizens saved and then boss battle time. A really big bug that looked pretty cool, actually. I liked its wings. I took care of an event for some scientest studying the affects of human artes use on spirit climes then went back to the story for our second death. The first being Professor Haus. I didn’t expect Cline to die. I’m… really not sure why. The tone of the game has been fairly light.

Milia was paralysed for a bit and we get to see how much of a dick Jude’s father is. I wanted to bite his face off. She got healed and we continued onward and it turned out I was right about Alvin; he wasn’t exactly a good guy, but he might redeem himself. We’ll just have to see.

I won the tournament in Xian Du and hooked back up with Alvin and Elize. Some weird stuff is happening with Teepo. I’m guessing a Spyrix was inside him or something, since the evil bad meanie Exodus people ripped something out of him and now he’s just a toy. Weird. I’ve also noticed the game hasn’t taken into account this plot development and results of tasks I had before this have a happy Elize and normal Teepo. The same can be said about the battle end clips. Oh, well.

The Plan

My shops are mostly in the 30s, so I’m planning on being ambitious and get them to 50, I’ve amassed a great number of materials and I only feed them their bonus materials.

I have a couple side-quests I need to do and turn in before I miss my chance, so I need to get in on that.

Also, I’d like to increase my grade and knock out a few titles. I’m going to work on the <3’s and I would like to work on Leia’s Elongating Staff titles and maybe a few of the other character’s specials titles.

My Events List aka Quest Journal

  • Elize’s Secret – Head to Xian Du!
  • Pretty and Pink – Obtain a Peach Elephant Tusk!
  • The Topknot Master 0 Obtain the true topknot!
  • The Wandering Youth – Find the lost brother at Xagut Floodmeadow!
  • Punish the Poachers – Report to Yurgen’s servant in Xian Du!
  • To Be Continued Events
    • The Devil’s Beasts
    • The History of Auj Oule
    • The Shape of Our World
    • Milla’s Pendant
    • Sisterhood
    • Those Who Act in Shadow
    • Memories of Leronde
    • The Message
    • The Edge of the World
    • The runaways


Item: Level 35
Weapon: Level 32
Armour: Level 29
Accessory: Level 32
Food: Level 30

Grade: 870

Titles Earned This Session

  • Basic Breaker
  • Royal Sabatouer
  • Green Belt
  • Strategist
  • Pirate Recruit
  • Hired Soldier
  • Enemy Seeker
  • Loot Lover
  • Elementary Channeler
  • Snap Pivot Neophyte
  • Jet Black Nestling
  • Grandmaster’s Daughter
  • Grandmaster’s Disciple
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Trusting Partner
  • Ultimate Miner
  • Scholar of Reize Maxima
  • Item Gatherer
  • Regular Skit Viewer
  • Spirit Sentry
  • Jude ❤ Rowan
  • Sub event searcher
  • Liberator of the High Road
  • Petty Pilferer
  • Jude ❤ Leia
  • Monster Abolisher
  • Prankster
  • Pirate Officer
  • Combo Crafter
  • Bully
  • Treasure Tracker

Character Progress

Everyone is level 32.


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