Tales of Xillia 3: Golden Knight Smackdown + NG+

And so, Squiddy has recently completed Jude’s quest and finished the bonus dungeon slaying the Golden Knight, unlocking the true powah of the devil weapons. What an accomplishment!

I played through Jude’s quest on hard and the Knight took me nearly 2 hours to take down. My level was in the mid 80s. He’s a tough cookie. You fight him in three stages, the first he is just 1, then he splits into 2, and then finally 3. Each version of him looks the same, apart from colour, and is basically a shadow of your entire party throwing nasty artes at you. I died a few times in the beginning, unable to master the third phase of the battle. I managed to tone my strategy and succeed in the end.

After all of that, I looked through my titles and saw I nearly had some of them done, so I went after the Golden Knight three more times until I snagged them and managed to upgrade my shops to level 100. I was in the mid-late 90s by that point and decided it was time to knock out Milla’s quest for my NG+ playthrough.

I had nearly 6k grade to spend in the NG+ shop which basically is a list of what you want carried through into the play through. I chose all XP boosts, devils arms, shop levels, costume items, accessories, and a couple other things I’ve forgotten. It was tempting to have my levels carry over completely, or even half, but I decided food XP boosts and the x7.5 XP boost would solve my problems. Also, having the devil arms rated in the 3k’s for damage meant I’d be sailing through and I pretty much am. I was in the mid 50s before getting to Hamil and already I’m at the tail end of the game pushing on 70.

I don’t have any real strategy for this play through other than barreling through the story. I’ve skipped most battles and sub-quests and have been watching only the cut scenes which are different from Jude’s. Thus far, there have been scarcely any. The differences are only slight, you primarily have Milla’s side of the story for the moments when the party is split, so when you bust into the research lab, when you’re captured at Fort Gondala, when Mila is healing up in Laronde, when you’re split up after the events at the marsh, and then all the times when it’s just you running around killing time. It’s… really hardly worth the extra play through. Granted, it has given new insight into a few events; I could easily pass on them. They don’t offer anything new to the story.



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