Thoughts: Warframe (PC & PS4)

A great length of time seems to have passed since I’ve posted anything game-related here on this squidlicious blog and that is in no small part due to a single game having absorbed every second of free time I have. Of course this game is Warframe and it is available to play on PC and PS4 with some differences between the two.

I don’t want to drivel on about what the game is all about, you lazy sods can consult the great oracle Google for such answers, but in a nutshell it’s a four-player co-op sci-fi FPS featuring ninja-bug Selachii in space. Don’t knock it until you’ve looked at it, the warframe designs in this game are really something.

I’ve put over 200 hours into this game and feel ready spew out my squiddy thoughts. First of all, this game is beautiful. I’ve needed a sexy sci-fi game for ages and had been foaming at the mouth for Destiny. Now, I’m uncertain if it will even get the time day along with everything else in my collection gathering dust and left to rot in the void of the forgotten. Sad, really, but they can get over it.

When I went into this game, I had done research on the various frames and watched a lot of the official videos which profiled the frames. It really didn’t make things very easy for me, because all of them are compelling in their own way. I had my heart set on Saryn. I loved the look of her, I loved her power-set, and she was gonna be mine. It only took me 90 hours of diligence before finally scoring, and what a sweet poisonous bug-plant thing she is.

I should also note I began playing this on PS4 and this is where the bulk of my ramblings are coming from. I’ll get to PC later on.

To start with, I picked Mag, because she’s a girl. That was my only reason. I also have been only collecting the girls, with the exception of Rhino. I liked the look of him and I figured my harem needed protection. I have sold him to make room for Rhino Prime.

My current collection is as follows: Mag Prime, Ember Prime, Nova, Nyx, Saryn, and Valkyr. Trinity will be done tomorrow, I believe. I have Banshee’s blueprint and just need to grind credits to purchase her blueprint parts from my clan. I have everything for Zephyr except the 600 oxium. I have around 150. They are a bitch to farm and unlike PC, you cannot buy them for plat in the marketplace.

Yes, the marketplaces for both games are a little different. PC allows you to buy Oxium and there seem to be some cosmetic items I do not recall seeing in the PS4 marketplace, and I mean besides update 13 content which the PS4 doesn’t yet have. Also, currently there’s an Easter event going on with an easter pastel colour pallette for sale for 1 credit and smashable storage crates have been replaced with easter eggs that spill smaller eggs when broken. They still drop usual stuff. Corpus soldiers also are sporting rabbit ears.

The interface is a bit different between the two. on PC, you can navigate all your menus without having to leave the lobby, so you don’t have to leave to do things in your foundry, like, oh, make dragon keys for vault runs, and other things. They have a nifty clan and friend page that will show you a list of joinable sessions all your friends and clannites are in. You don’t have to do the awkward thing on PS4 by navigating through that social/chat interface and selecting a friend and blindly hitting join to find out you just dove into something with the wrong frame and loadout.

Aside from that, everything is practically identical, which is refreshing in many ways. I don’t have to switch brain-states when shifting between the two games. I should also note, there is no cross-compatibility or account migration or anything like that right now and I don’t know if there will ever be, so I play under two different warframe accounts.

On PC, I started it because my kid brother didn’t want to wait for a PS4 to play. I didn’t want him going in blind, so I installed it to play with him. I chose Mag again because I’m very familiar with her and feel comfortable using her. I admit I did feel pangs of repetition in those early moments, and while I expected him to have picked Loki, he also picked Mag. I spent the $5 for Volt to avoid grinding Oberron or Rhino to an annoying degree. Amusingly, update 13 dropped with the new squid frame the next effing day, so I splurged $20 to buy him. Being an end-game frame to farm, there was no way I’d be getting him anytime soon, so the $20 was a worthwhile expense.

So I have Volt and Hydroid and…. I don’t particularly like either of them. That’s really sad, I know. Hydroid has a nice tentacle head. Of course I HAD to have him, but his powers are too mixed to various roles and I just can’t find good applications of any of them outside the obvious ones. He’s my defense mission frame spawning his tentacles all over the place to deal with crowds. I used to suck people down into my puddle, but I haven’t put any ranks into it so it just doesn’t seem worth using at all. Also, I don’t have Intensify, Streamline, or any of the staple power-related mods except Flow, so I’m trying to keep my feelings grounded in the fact I need to work on acquiring mods and leveling them.

Volt I only like for his speed. Farming anything, it’s zip to it and zip out. I use his basic chaining electrical attack, as well, but the rest just don’t do anything for me. His most powerful one only appears useful if in an area containing electronics, so that pisses me off a bit because outside of corpus missions, it’s just a cool animation that doesn’t do shit. Also, I haven’t leveled that power for that reason. His bullet shield I have used on occasion in undermanned defense missions, throwing them up in passageways to buy some time to deal with others and that’s worked out rather well, but overall, I don’t really like him, either. I think I need to use them more and learn what works for me with my playstyle and maybe my opinion will change.

I’m going to build Oberron and Ember. I haven’t played my Ember Prime much to form an opinion on her and I haven’t played with any in a squad to know if I’ll like her. However, Oberron I’ve dealt with a lot and I think I’ll enjoy running with him. I feel I’m very likely to go after Valkyr again. I have a nice immortal build I’ve been enjoying flying solo through the galaxy, with an exception to certain defense missions. The Hyena Pack was annoying and lengthier than I’d have liked, but it was doable. I may go after Nyx because she makes ODDs painfully easy. Just camp by the pod and keep popping absorbs. The waves will just fly by. Equilibrium and carrying energy restores help when she’s disrupted, so it’s less harsh recovering. I also don’t gather all the energy around her. I keep enough of her to absorb and let it tick up with energy syphon so there’s energy to pick up when disruptors start molesting her.

I wish there were more variety to the maps. After you’ve played awhile, you’ll realise you’re just playing the same maps over-and-over with just different starting and end points and different locations for some of the objectives. That’s unsettling. In some ways, I don’t mind, but it does start to feel disappointing when I’m grinding through a system and seeing maps I’ve played elsewhere in the game.

Anyway, so some things have changed on the PS4 since I had been playing. We had the Tethra’s doom event which had that awesome protect and push the cart mission. I grinded that all of the last two days to secure the rewards I wanted, mainly the Gorgon Wraith. I had been enjoying my Gorgon. We also have the Grustrag Three as a new assassin. My Valkyr wipes the floor with them when they spawn in to smite ya. You get marked in invasion missions, much like how Harvester works, but the Grustrage Three are Grineer.

On PC, we have Update 13 which introduces melee 2.0, Hydroid, new dojo rooms, an end-game boss, and Dark Sector clan warfare. I say warfare, because that’s the best way for me to describe it and I’ll explain it first because I’ve been enjoying it.

So, with Dark Sectors, each system has a few special locations labeled Dark Sector and have their own spiffy icon. When not contested, these are infestation missions: defense, and I believe the other I’ve seen is survival. They provide better rewards and xp as you’ll see when you click on them, but if owned by a clan, taxes might be pulled from your earnings.

When contested, you can’t do the infestation mission, and instead run a sabotage mission for your choice of defendor or aggressor. Each may offer battle pay awards for assisting them. You’re then thrust into a void-like tileset and facing bots of the clan members you’re fighting. I at first thought it was PVP when I saw them attempt to revive a fallen Tenno, but I was mistaken. They’re bots. These can be fairly challenging, but are a lot of fun. You don’t need to be in a clan to participate in this side of things.

A new lab got added to the dojo related to the Dark Sector stuff. It’s an Orokin lab that will give the clan access to solar rails which are what you deploy to claim/contest a dark sector. My clan is working towards getting one built so we can join an alliance and join in the fun of that side of things which I expect I may blather about later.

Melee 2.0 is what most people have been hard-up for for ages. This makes melee combat a THING, not just some supportive thing. You can now actually equip your weapon and run around with it, and a bunch of mods were added specifically for melee weapons which, when leveled, grant combo attacks. The trade channel was flooded with these mods and still mostly is today.

Overall, I like it. I’m glad they did that because there is great joy doing infestation missions melee-only as well as low-level survival. It’s very cathartic. However, there are some things about it which greatly annoy me. For instance, if your sporting a nice reflex guard mod which raises your auto-parry chance, you may find yourself deflecting gunfire instead of reloading your weapon while you’re running for cover. I would like to be able to hit my reload button to force my frame to reload and not bother getting his Jedi on. Also, I’d like to know what happened to the charge attack. Since 2.0, I do not seem to be able to perform one at all.

I can’t say too much about the end-game boss, Councilor Vay Hek; i have long road before reaching that state, though when it hits PS4, I’ll so be jumping on that. What I can say, is holy hell does that seem like a bitch. You have this special key which you must craft in order to get his assassination mission, but in order to build it, you need to farm the Eximus Guardsmen Prosecutors. These are a new melee unit they added for this. They’re only on Ceres and they are elemental and only vulnerable to that damage type. They’ll drop a type of beacon required to make the key.

I’m looking forward to slaughtering him.

I’m still amazed I’m playing this game on two platforms. It helps I’ve got different goals and people to play with, but the only games I’ve ever done multiple times (more than 2 platforms. I do tend to get PC and console version of something in order to play with friends) have been Minecraft and Terraria.

I have blathered on enough about this current obsession. My free-time is kicking away and I’ve got frames to build.


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