Thoughts: FFXIV A Realm Reborn

If you’ve been following me is any of my digital dens, you’d know I’ve peen playing this game for awhile, now. It’s been three months and in that time, I only had a 15 day break which coincided with Warframe’s release of Loki Prime. I went a bit crazy working on him and his loadout. What could I do?

I must say that I have not completed the main scenario or doing any kind of end game content, so these are incomplete. I will be addressing all of that after I’ve had the time to give it a good go. In my last Game Ramblings, I spoke quite a bit about the game–rather, complained, and I finally have felt able to more fully convey my thoughts of the game.

To start with, I’ve two characters on different servers. The first, is a right mess. This is a game where you may obtain all the classes and switch between them and even equip certain actions from a class on another. My first character obtained all of them and her life in Eorzea was more of a headless chicken with ADD. With so many classes unlocked, choosing what to work on became quite ardurous. She became a bard and I got her o level 31 before just feeling overwhelmed with everything.

My second character is a level 36 Monk, though I honestly should say she is a level 43 Fisher. I’ve really enjoyed fishing and it is one of the tedious gathering classes that requires barely any attention to at all. I simply wait for my PS4 controller to vibrate signalling me to reel in my fish then I cast again. I only glance over at the screen when I’ve caught a high quality fish to see if I can mooch. I’ve taken to do this in my down time for tellie. As for her other classes, she is a level 15 lancer, level 29 miner, and level 27 botanist. I’m focusing entirely on the gathering classes because my guild is in need of them and I really don’t have the patience for the crafting classes right now.

Thus far, I’m rather happy with the game. There’s enough interesting things to do to mostly keep me occupied and a break from Warframe, but I’m still unsure how long it will last. MMOs require a lot of time and devotion, and already I’ve been feeling EVE Online trying to pull me back, so I’ll be really surprised if I’m still playing this by the time next year rolls around.

I did state some issues with the duty roster in my last ramblings and to sum it up: it takes forever to find a party for things. Guildhests are the quickest things to get into, but when when you move onto trials it starts to get longer. Dungeons become longer, still, and PVP matches are the worst. Unfortunately, they’re one of my favorite things to do. You would think it wouldn’t be this way since they’re cross server. With all the servers they have, you’d think it’d be easy to match you up with other people, but that’s not the case at all. You still suffer with a lack of tanks and healers, it seems. The only way to fully enjoy these things and lessen the wait time (not always by a great deal) is to form a full party yourself via friends or free company before signing up for the duty. Also, when you form your own group, you needn’t adhere to the 2 DPS, 1 healer, 1 tank rule.

Related to the duty roster, I’d like it to be smart enough to not withdraw your duty entry when you summon your chocobo to run quests/fates. It’s… stupid. I’d also like to be able to change my class and do other things while I wait and just have myself automatically switched to what I was when I registered. If I have to wait an hour to get into a PVP match, I’d like to be able to do what I want in that time.

Another issue I have with the game are levequests. These are best described as your dailies and you can do as many of them as you ahve allotments, which accrue over time. In order to unlock leves for an area, you must either be of a certain rank within your grand company (faction), or complete a trial leve. The leves are all battlecraft, meaning crafters and gatherers can’t do them. I’ve surpassed my Monk and can’t use leves to further level my character until I’ve leveled my Monk 40 so she can go unlock them. These classes should have their own leve trial if the area has levequests they can take on. I’m working to get her to level 50 and have no desire to work on my Monk and wait for dungeons, trials, or run Fates. I did quite a bit of that before focusing on my gatherers.

My final issue is with cosmetics, or the lack of them. I’m so sued to MMOs have cosmetic slots that override your character’s appearance. I haven’t like what a lot of my gear looks like, so I’d like to be able to appear as though I’m wearing something else. At least you can toggle the headwear off. I am really confused, too, because there are clothes you can buy that have no defensive or stat altering characteristics at all.

These things don’t break it for me, but they do take a chunk from my enjoyment. All things aside, the game is enjoyable, beautiful, and really feels like a classic Final Fantasy game. I’d be lying if I said nostalgia wasn’t a main factor for my playings.


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