Thoughts: Destiny

So, another round of Destiny playings has come and went. I played the PS4 version, as that’s the edition I had pre-ordered way the hell when-and-back. During the Alpha, I found myself overwhelmed with the beauty of the game. I love me some sci-fi. It’s my favourite genre of everything… well… horror is, but in a world dominated by modern day crap and fantasy, I need more sci-fi action. I hoped this would be it. Sadly, I didn’t get much playtime during the alpha. I had been away from home and was lucky enough to have snagged it during their extension, only it only offered me a couple hours of playtime. It wasn’t enough for me to formulate an opinion beyond all the eye-candy.

When round two hit, I found myself not as excited as most people. I have a life in EVE to maintain, not-to-mention Eorzea, plus my ninja Tennou activities are too enjoyable to ignore. Still, I managed put in enough time to get past the beauty and see things for what they really are. I feel a bit more than disappointed and I’m not confident that these feelings will be resolved upon release.

Okay, so the game had a level cap. I understand that and this is a beta, but even so, there still felt a lack of things to do even within what was there. The mission nodes are all well and good, but exploration? Holy mega-fucking yawn, Batman. Seriously? Endless grind and the most repetitive junk to do quest-wise. The timed events that happen were also pretty boring.

On the subject of bounties, those special quests you can take to gain rep and marks for a faction, are dumb. They really are. They’re about as non-immersive as you can get and I have a problem with that. Keep that shit as in-game achievos that grant you junk. I don’t what this interesting, beautiful setting ruined by stupid meta shit. And as a random side-note, the opening makes no sense as a robo.

‘Nother big peeve: the weapons aren’t satisfying to use. They’re so hum-drum and don’t feel tactile or snappy at all-even visually. I’ve not been excited about anything I had tried out or acquired for any of the classes and this extends to their special abilities with insane cooldowns. The worst one is the Warlock’s hover jump shit. It’s annoying when instead of boosting and increasing your ascent, you just slowly hover to the ground instead. Even so, why can’t this be a gear thing? I mean, look at the tech level of this fucking world. Rocket/hover boots wouldn’t be hard to make.

Character development. Have you looked at the shit you can eventually unlock? There’s hardly any substance there and you really don’t get any feeling of progression when you do level up. It’s just the same experience.

PVP-wise, it would be nice if there were team balancing. It really sucks when someone disconnects and their spot never ever gets filled.

I have a lot of issues with UI, also. I don’t like having a moveable cursor in my console games. I like choices to be button mapped or cycle-able. It’s slow and I hate wasted time. I also hate holding down buttons to make certain selections. It’s even quicker dealing with confirmation pop-ups than waiting for that slow-ass bar to fill before you can actually go somewhere.

I really have a lot to bitch about and it makes me sad. All the hype I had were from trailers. I needed this game to be gorgeous and good so badly, I didn’t want to ride the hype train off a broken bridge. I wanted a good sci-fi RPG that could fill the disappointment Mass Effect left me with and it’s clear that Destiny is not it. Still, I won’t be cancelling my pre-order. The world is gorgeous enough that I want to see more of it, and i want a better taste of what the story has to offer. If I can find reasons to like it for what it is and enjoy playing with all my friends who are also getting it, then all these bitchings won’t matter.

Fingers crossed.


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