Why Doesn’t Squiddy Play Handhelds More?

I love fall. I’ve always loved winter. I prefer the cold weather as that’s what I’m used to. I miss the fall weather in England and snow typically measured in feet. Where I live now, it’s lucky to be measured in inches and if there is any? Well, the town shuts down. It… yeah. America really is an interesting place to live.

Anyway, despite having received my yearly poke in the arm that is called a flu shot, I’ve caught the flu. This -always- happens, so I don’t know why I even bother. Squids just have shit luck, I guess. The meds seem to be working well enough in that I’m not even entirely sure I’m not dreaming I’m writing this blog post, so the fingers that feel like numb sticks attached to my hands can record these medicated thoughts.

I know I already did a post recently that would have been my rambling audio blog, but there were things I’ve left off and I’m just in a rambly mood at the moment putting off dealing with groceries of which I must remember pumpkin seeds, goldfish food, and gluten free cookies I hope will taste like cookies and not broken promises.

So in this weird medicated state I’ve been in while drinking tea I cannot taste at all, I’ve been thinking about all the consoles I own and piles of games I have and some habits I have. I love handhelds. That’s what I tell myself and people. I always fancied the idea of having something easy to carry around that will offer me entertainment while waiting to get to my destination or waiting for something to happen. In truth, while I will take one with me, I am so drained and drowsy and brain dead,  I barely turn the things on or do anything with them. Podcasts usually win on that front, or music on better days. I will take them with me on camping trips but end up reading instead. I’ll take them with me to entertain me at the other house, but I’ll watch Netflix, Crunchyroll, or just read anyway and hardly ever touch them.

Things weren’t always like this, mind you. When I worked phone tech support down in Beaverton, OR, the Gameboy SPs hit the shelves. Workers were allowed to bring them in and play between/during calls if it didn’t affect performance. I played a shit ton of Pokemon and Castlevania in those days and painted Warhammer miniatures like a few other cube mates for skirmish battles on breaks. My Necron army gained much infamy the day I brought in the pyramid to paint and assemble just for bragging rights that I actually spent that much on it. I later moved onto the PSP and played a lot of Untold Legends. It was the closest thing at having a Diablo on the go.

I’m not even sure where this decline in my handheld gaming has come from or even started. Yes, my hands often limit my game time to as long as I can stand it, but I still manage to play. I did not have these problems during the Beaverton days. The Vita is really difficult for me to hold; I haven’t purchased grips for them, so my fingers will actually go to sleep after 30 minutes or so of play. I have no problems with the DS other than I have long nails and they inhibit my ability to move the d-pad or thumbstick up unless my thumb is at an angle and that can get annoying in certain action titles.

Looking at the titles I own for my handhelds, it isn’t as if I have crap for them. There’s quite a lot I want to play and get through, so this whole why-the-fuck-don’t-I-play-them thing really boggles my mind.

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Barring Warframe clan activities later this evening, I am going to see if I can find a nice place to get comfy with blankies–maybe a kitty, and give some handhelds some love.


5 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Squiddy Play Handhelds More?

  1. I can’t say my handheld gaming time has dissipated of late, but will say I can relate to two things from your post. First, my hands get numb too from time to time. When they do, it affects my inability to draw or even write regardless if it’s analog or digital* (*drawing tablet that is).

    Second, I agree the PS Vita’s exterior design is to be desired which is why I’m still not used to holding it by itself. I bought the official trigger grips for it about 6 months ago and realized I still encounter those same hand cramps. More recently, I ordered Nyko’s Vita grips and since then I’ve had no issues using it.

    If you are still interested in using the Vita but want to buy grips for it, I highly recommend Nyko’s. Just make sure you buy the model that matches with whatever version you currently own (1000 series/2000 series/etc.)

    • I saw the official ones and and gave them a feel.They seemed decent enough, but I’d really not know unless I bought them. I haven’t seen Nyko’s, but I’ll take your advice. I’d rather not risk the same issues you have.

      Also, thanks for the reminder on model versions. I forgot how potentially annoying it can be buying PSP gear, lols. In my medicated state, I’d just have bought whatever on ‘Zon.

  2. I forget to play my handheld units making me wonder if I like them as much as I think I do. Of course, I do enjoy the games I do play on them, but I definitely don’t take them anywhere on the go like I did the original Game Boy.

    • I had a Game Gear before a Game Boy and that thing isn’t travel friendly at all being so fucking huge. The battery life on it was so shit, it wouldn’t last the ride into town. I stuck with various Tiger Electronics handhelds in those days. Gauntlet 2 happened to be my favorite one.

      • I know what you mean in regards to the Game Gear. I had played it only because one of my brothers bought it. I also had a bunch of Tiger’s LCD games. The ones I remember were Double Dragon, Pinball, Altered Beast, and the combo of Bo Jackson’s Baseball and Football.

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