Toukiden & Handhelds Again

Some time ago I wrote a post pondering why-the-fuck I don’t seem to bother with my handhelds. For the last few weeks, that’s all I’ve been playing. o.O *eye twitch* In my former post, which I’m too lazy to go over, I’m not sure if I even considered the games to be a variable. Of course I’m not going to play something I don’t have anything interesting on *eyes her WiiU*. Of course, Warframe is the main time eater typically seconded by minecraft. However, lately I’ve been spending a great deal of time with Toukiden: Age of Demons. I’ve turned down clan events to keep playing this game and even beating Bloodborne for my time.

This somewhat baffles me, as Toukiden isn’t groundbreaking or amazing in any way, shape, or form. Comparing it to anything, strangely, It’d be Warframe. I’m repeating missions over-and-over grinding out resources to build new weapons and armour, or upgrade what I have, while harvesting souls to buy everything else I need. The missions are short and the level of grinding is there, especially with boss fights which can take an average of 10 minutes or more depending on who you’re playing with and whether or not they know what they’re doing. A better comparison is actually Monster Hunter sans all your harvesting abilities simply replace the theme with an ancient Japan invaded by oni instead of a fantasy world inhabited by monsters. You make all of your gear from monster drops or picking up things from the ground. The spirit tree in village and your cute little Tenko can give you more. I just always have Warframe on the brain.

I really like this game. I have Kiwami on PS4 already and will likely transfer my data on over to save myself from replaying content. The amount of grind is rather profound were there no option of transfer, I likely wouldn’t bother with Kiwami at all, honestly. It would be reversed if I had Kiwami first, obviously.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon has been a blast to play, also. It’s another grindey game as all roguelikes tend to be. I’m still hard at work clearing out floors for materials so the shops will sell me better stuffs. As such, my Theatrhythm has been retired back to the box and it’s unlikely I’ll return to that until I’m done with my dungeoning.

I nearly forgot another Vita game I’ve gotten myself into: Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment-. I wanted an RPG for my Vita that wasn’t FFX & X-2 HD which I’ve put on hold because it hasn’t been too fun playing through again mostly because I want to play something new. I hunger for a good JRPG and I hoped SAO would do it. So, I went ahead and got a digital version and all the extra content and then over a period of two days marathoned through the first story arc and into the next, so I would know what the score is.

Boy, am I glad I did that. Not only did I enjoy the show, but had I chosen not to and settle for the “story so far,” I still would have been a bit lost. There’s something to be said for the deeper knowledge of people, events, and their relationships. I also saw where things changed from the show.

Thus far, I’ve really been enjoying it. It seems to be a faithful recreation of the game within the context of what it is. Obviously, we don’t have unlimited skills and all that jazz, but it actually feels like I’m playing the game as far as an MMO simulation goes. I’ve enjoyed this far more than .hack. It is more fun, better show, and I care what’s going on.

In terms of where this game fits into the show, well, things don’t end where they did in the anime. The fight resolved a little differently with strange glitching happening and the game didn’t end. A new area opened up that only Kirito seems able to access. There are two main quest lines to pursue: finishing SAO and reaching floor 100 in hopes that it will end the game, and also going through the Hollow area and unravel that mystery.

I’m focusing on stuff around Arc Sophia at the moment to get myself used to the battle system and how things work. I’ll move onto the Hollow Fragment stuff once I feel like I know what I’m doing.

Enough babble. Lunch time!


2 thoughts on “Toukiden & Handhelds Again

    • Granted Warframe is a huge culprit in why I don’t play much of anything, when I curl up in a chair to think about playing something else, the handhelds always loses. I think it’s because it’s one of those things that feels like I should be doing something else, too. The only real reason I’ve been getting through handheld games at all is by also watching movies. I love the games I’ve been playing, but if I can’t find something to watch, it’s back to Warframe. The only other instance I play handhelds is when I’m playing some multiplayer 4x game and need something to do while waiting for my next turn. *shrugs*

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