Thoughts: Duck Tales Remastered

This is extremely late considering I purchased the game within a few months of its initial release back in 2013 and have only just finished it this morning having marathoned all but the last level yesterday.

*Sigh* Where do I begin? Duck Tales back on NES ranked among my most well-loved platformer games for the longest time. I played the crap outta the game alongside Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, and Quackshot as far as other Disney games are concerned. Aladdin was pretty awesome at the time, too, but the musical score drove me a bit nuts. I never have been a huge Aladdin fan, anyway. I enjoyed Duck Tales because not only was it fun, but I could speed through the game in just over an hour. That isn’t really the case with this one…

I honestly never expected myself to ever play the game. I bought this out of nostalgia and memories of that old, loved game. Playing through the remaster I certainly can’t say I feel the same way about it. First and foremost it’s gorgeous with wonderful arrangements of the classic tracks from the original. I was dazzled, but then we get to the added story and cinematics and the sourness began. I watched the first few then skipped them throughout the rest of the game up until the ending. I decided I’d watch those. I just didn’t care–not because they weren’t good, but because it felt strange breaking up the action. I suppose for someone who had never played the old, it’s a good thing. In this day-and-age, people will bitch you the fuck out for not including some kind of story. I may have actually cared were my intent not to speed through the game.

The stages were mostly true to the originals, but they did mix things up a bit and throw in fetch quests to stretch out the game. I didn’t much care for these merely because I just wanted to sail through the game and irritated me.  The revamped bosses irritated me, also, because they took longer to beat. They at least kept true to their original spirit.

It took me a bit over five hours to get through the game and I should have really gone without. It’s more of a remix than remastery and there’s some little things they could have done that would have made me like the package more. The first would be having an option to listen to the original 8-bit score. The new tunes are pretty cool, but I do like the originals a bit more. They were pretty good chiptunes. I’d also like to play the original game in all its 8-bit glory and also reskinned. This is ultimately what I expected the game  to actually be, so it baffles me why the little gem isn’t included. Lastly, given the choice, I would have played through this game with an 8-bit skin, or even 16 if they wished to update. After seeing the first level, I immediately wished there were pixels. Many nostalgia gamers do tend to have an obsessive love of pixels and anything with pixels. I think these little extras would have been cool features to have.

All-in-all, I’d only recommend it for people who missed out. While it’s still Duck Tales at its core, the differences tarnished things for me bringing down my overall view of it. Ignoring that, it’s still a good platformer.


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