To Click or Not to Click–Also, Stuff.

I’m not even sure I know what’s happened to me since Christmas, but I’ve sure found myself drowning in more casual, brainless games that I can play while doing other things and I now understand what a clicker game is.

AdVenture Capitalist, I think, is the first clicker I tried. Available for free on Steam and wanting to check out something new, I had no idea how quickly it would infect me. While nothing special to look at, it offered a strange real-time based investment strategy that I could pay attention to for a few minutes before closing to check on and spend new fortunes later.

Clicker Heroes came next and became my main idle game of choice besides Mountain and Viridi. It is more visually appealing and feels more engaging somehow, despite the simple fact it follows the same mechanics. Still, planning out how I spend my gold and what ancients to invest in proved to be a nice diversion from life’s daily grind.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols is a more recent affection adding in a formation mechanic to the mix with a side-scrolling battlefield and more role-playing mechanics with equipment and health. It engrossed me pretty quickly and growing to be my fave clicker.

Just today, I decided to try out another very different clicker called Plantera. This one has you creating a garden that you can harvest by click or allow your in-game minions to collect for you. I have not played long and the choices you have are quite small compared to the aforementioned games, but I still found it to be enjoyable.

These games certainly are designed for those susceptible for mindless time-wasters and people who like to have simple games to play in the background of whatever else they’re doing. As such, they are not anything I would ever recommend to anyone not in this niche.

These games have spawned a resurgence of more casual (read as not action focused) games to play to allow my mind to relax instead of being overloaded with flashes and booms and things requiring too much concentration and lightning reflexes. Over the past month I’ve picked up a number of games to cater to my need for some cool-down gaming to play to wind down from the day.

The first that come to mind are some Pinball FX2 tables (Doctor Strange, Portal, South Park, and Balls of Glory) that have been great entertainment (I still need to pick up Pinball Arcade). Having been recently binge-watching South Park at nights (I never watched the show until now), I had to have the tables. I also watch Archer, American Dad, and Bob’s Burgers on occasion and enjoy them enough to pick up the tables. Portal and Doctor Strange go without saying, because I adore both.

Morphopolis is something I picked up today purely on the basis of looks. I just clicked through the images on the store page and that was enough. I played very little of it finding myself in a mental space that didn’t allow me to process puzzles or anything that was going on for that matter. I intend to broadcast it and inflict it on my bestie on our next hangout date.

A three-pack of Hexcells games recently went on sale and the odd minesweeper picross mesh intrigued me enough to go for it. I’ve played a little bit of each game just to see the differences and I do enjoy the logic puzzles. It’s very simple in concept and the soundtrack is quite relaxing.

A couple match-3 games found their way into my cart, to–10,000,000 which had been on my radar for awhile, and Battle for Blood. 10,000,000 tends to eat up a chunk of time when I sit down to play it. Battle for Blood is a freemium that’s interesting, but overall meh. The grind feels so much worse with the real $ variable thrown in. 10,000,000 has been going a bit more quickly since I’ve been able to upgrade and unlock things. It’s not the greatest looking, but I find there to be some charm with the dated look.

DungeonUp I can only describe as some kind of strategy RPG puzzler that makes me think of some kind of Lolo-Solomon’s Key affair with a rogue-like RPG at heart and a high probability of failure if you careless spent your keys making it impossible for you to progress. I have this tendency to play it more brainlessly as I should and end up at dead-ends having wasted my keys to get to shinies as opposed of actual progression.

This strange RPG called Suits: A Business RPG looked too weird to pass up, but I haven’t yet tried it out. The black and white sketchy art actually appealed to me, but in retrospect, I wish it had a cleaner look.

Hordelicious looked like a reasonably satisfying arena shooter and it was on sale, unfortunately, for whatever weird reason it doesn’t launch. I’ve been too lazy to lookup a fix.

Relic Hunters Zero is a freebie that doesn’t look good and plays of mediocrity. I banished it back to the ether.

Craft the World has been great fun as a strange Terraria-like god game where you manage and guide your dwarves to victory research technology, crafting items, and finding and assembling a portal to reach the next campaign world. I sank a great number of hours into it initially and passed the first campaign stage, but haven’t started the next. I am not sure I will ever touch it again, honestly. I feel like I got all I would from it. Still, we’ll see. My gaming moods can be quite fickle.

Destination Sol, The Expendabros, Big Pharma, Starward Rogue, Sorcerer King, Bionic Dues, Crashlands, RymdResa, Sunless Sea, and The Last Federation are other titles I picked up for one reason or other that I haven’t yet played or played long enough to say anything about.

On the console side of things (starting with PS4), Infinifactory looks like it’s right up my alley puzzle-wise. I enjoyed the tutorial and first stage and like those types of logic puzzles. SpaceChem remains one of my favorite games and any game that follows that kind of logic is gonna end up on my radar and in my library.

LA cops looked like a calmer Hotline Miami, so that’s where that came from. I do have yet to finish Hotline Miami and even get the sequel, but I’m happy with inspired likenesses. I played a little bit of this and enjoyed it and the mechanic of having a partner.

Chivalry. This game had been on my radar for a long time, but my PC couldn’t handle the demo. As soon as I saw it on PSN, it got snagged. Unfortunately it’s doomed to be a game I will rarely ever play as it fits a mood need and I haven’t been much in a slaughtering PVP mood.

On the XB1 I rarely touch anymore (are we surprised? ;p) Killer Instinct with the season 1 content was an XB1 freebie. I grabbed that and the season 2 content to finish it off. I actually like the KI games. I have many good memories of playing them with friends, so I have a huge bias. Also, I wanted something not Mortal Kombat to play.

The Escapists with the X-Mas DLC (and maybe Alcatraz–can’t remember) I decided to snag on sale there with the intention of actually playing it, but I’ll probably just snag the entire pack for PC one of these days anyway–sigh.

My WiiU got some of love with Super Mario Maker. I played a ton of it the day I got it and haven’t gone back. That’s not really from any lack of desire to play–I really would. It’s just that there are more other things that have snagged my attention.

I also picked up the virtual console NES Metroid game to play. I had never played through that one and had started my Metroid adventures with the SNES title followed by GBA ones.

I’ve only gotten one thing for my Vita so far– Criminal Girls: Invite Only. It looked cute. I have yet to play it or even touch my vita for that matter, but it’ll be there for me.

3DS… This… is what has been consuming mostly every waking hour of free time I have. Animal Crossing Happy Home Academy. I like this game. I like decorating my house. I do it frequently in New Leaf and have made a mule character to work on a second house. It entertains me and I’m pretty sure it is some kind of digital crack. Between this and New Leaf, I have no time for anything beyond casual games and the usual Warframe (of course I still play this).

Pokemon Picross and Pokemon shuffle found their way onto my 3DS, but… they’re both meh for freemiums. The picross one I prefer as I love picross, but I have hardly touched them at all. I have Mario Picross to get through still. Also, I got some weird thing called Excave which I’ve yet to even bother with.

So, that’s the score. I’ve lots to entertain myself with if AC will ever let me go. To close, I’m going to leave a few words about Animal Crossing amibo Festival.

Animal Crossing amibo Festival was a monumental waste of my time and money. The first game I played was cute, but all further games are just an exercise in boredom torture the likes I have never endured before. There is no real competitiveness to it and your victory lies solely on how well you play the turnip market. An hour and twenty minutes for a full four-player game is an eternity. The mini games are better, but I’d rather throw in some Raving Rabbids game or even the old Carnival Games for Wii for some multiplayer mini-game action. Never in my life have I desired the rage induced by Mario Party or even Dokapon Kingdom. At least shit was happening in the game.


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