New Purchases- Steam Lunar New Year Sale

And I was doing so well. After my day finished, I logged onto to Steam to see if the Deal-of-the-Day was anything I needed, and low and behold, massive sale time. I took a look at my wishlist, sighed forlornly at its massive size, then spent a good two-and-a-half hours meticulously going through each one to weed out the things I am no longer interested in. After completing that part of my quest, I proceeded to rank them. Only after that completed did I start actively deciding what I should like to get. The resulting damage contained only seven games, however, the continual damage I took today doubled that amount.

Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden

In light of my recent obsession with mindless clicker games, casual games have been foremost on the radar–amusing little games where my brain can go into rest mode and my eyes can glaze over a little bit. This game seemed like it would fit into that vein, being one of your clicky gardening type games, and I figured it would have some kind of weird story considering you are taking care of plants that grow organs and it totally does. It’s simple and mindless to play, while satisfying, and the strange visual novel styled story is interesting enough to break up the mindless click-grind.

Human Resource Machine

Ah, another visually bleak game from Tomorrow Corporation that gave us Little Inferno. Instead of sitting in front of a fireplace buying and burning everything we can, we work in an office building using simple procedural commands to get our enthused little office worker to move specific things from an inbox to an outbox in a specific order. These are my kind of puzzle games and upon reaching my first coffee break, believe this game has some kind of underlying dark story to it. I look forward to uncovering more of that.

Castaway Paradise Complete Edition

The best way to describe this game is an Animal Crossing base with Harvest Moon farming and land clearing (e.g., breaking rocks, digging up stumps) sprinkled on top. Upon first glance, I thought it had micro-transactions seeing a bunch of VIP stuff in the item catalogue, but that’s not the case. There is no cash shop at all. The game is just as stingy with $$ as Animal Crossing, but if you can reach level 15, your life will become easier and you’ll get access to nice things. For a game, it’s not terrible at all. I sank a great deal of time into it and found myself starting to get the same addictions I have with Animal Crossing. Wish it had controller support, but still, it’s a decent time sinker when my 3DS is unavailable.

Block Legend DX

I really like this little column game. It’s of the kind where you clear groups of two or more matching blocks simply by clicking on them instead of moving them around to make matches. It has an RPG layer to it that’s not too deep, but is totally fine for what the game is–another brainless casual game for me to waste time in. If I want a deeper experience, I can play a different column game.

Space Pilgrim Episodes I & II

I’ve encountered plenty of people that hear RPG Maker and immediately groan, shut down, and assume everything made with the tool is filth–stock graphical assets or not. While I can understand the sour sentiment, I like to give some of them a chance, especially if the premise sounds interesting and it looks like some amount effort longer than a weekend went into it. I also like seeing the games that use the engine to make other things outside the usual JRPG vein. Space Pilgrim looked to be one of those games by focusing more on the narrative and puzzle-solving than grinding out experience.

Swords and Crossbones: An Epic Pirate Story

A city building tactical rpg thing… Well, it looked good, so what the hell. I haven’t played it, yet, so who knows.

Unholy Heights

Take an apartment management sim and throw in tower defense and that’s what you get. I really should have passed on this one, probably, but I’m a sucker for weirds.

Loot Hero DX

I like this game. All I have to do is run into the enemy to kill them and earn gold to buy upgrades to more easily kill beefier things. I like it. It’s nothing fancy, it’s simple, and it kept me entertained for half-an-hour which is how long it took me to decide what my plans were for breakfast. It has served its purpose well.

Shu’s Garden

I really don’t know what to say about Shu’s garden other than it looks like one of those pretty art games where you just run around and do what you want in and see what happens. I like those types of games and especially those based on exploration and experimentation.

Forsaken Isle

Another sandbox craft-based survival game. This one is isometric with nice pixel art. Of course I would get it, though I’m happy to say I’ve slowed down in the genre. It’s too hard to compete with Minecraft and Don’t Starve that I just hardly touch any other ones.

The Oil Blue: Steam Legacy Edition

This looked to be an interesting oil-drilling sim. It’s no surprise I like these types of games and this seemed so unique–a type I’d never seen before even in the plethora of boring-job-simulator-20xx games that have flooded the genre. I really look forward to giving this game a go and seeing how well I do.

Cat Goes Fishing

You are a cat. You fish. This reminds me of that old drilling arcade game where you drill down into the ground attempting to grab stuff and pull it back to the surface. I remembered the name when I purchased this game, but it has since left me. If you know what I’m talking about, this game is like that, but of course, more physics-based. It’s not terrible, but I could live without it. I’d rather play that old arcade game.

Reveal the Deep

In retrospect, I should have picked The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human. In my brain, I got the two mixed up when selecting stuff on my wishlist, but it’s still an exploration-based game. This one seems more to focus on the narrative, but that’s fine. I expect to enjoy my time with it as I like such games.
Hopefully this is an end to my sale binge. 14 games is plenty to keep me busy (as if I still don’t have enough to play), but it feels good to pick up things I want on the cheap. This should be a entertaining weekend.

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