Still Alive

Holy crap does time fly! School started September 26th and the weeks have flown past. Things have been going very well for me. My head is swimming with the future. I have three options on the table with no clue which to pursue. My resolution is to make it through the quarter and see how I feel before deciding.

In other news, remember that 2014 ruby red Ford Focus SE I got about six months ago after my 1992 Mercury finally went buh-bye? Yeah, well, it turns out that it was an illegal sale. Long story short, it had a sticker under the hood stating it wasn’t for sale in my state due to some emissions garble. I found out this nightmare the Friday before my first day of school. Ford took care of me very graciously, and after about three hours investigating the mess up and what they could do about it, I drove away with a 2016 Ford Fiesta Sport. I could have gotten a sexy Fusion, but that would have cost me a few K. I settled for the Fiesta and after about a week stopped resenting it and the whole situation.

As for everything else, I haven’t done too many exciting things. With a six-month backlog of comics, I canceled all my subs and filed everything away in long boxes. I haven’t played any video games in ages. I either haven’t had the time, or it’s just not something I feel like doing. Aside from schoolwork, I need 1k volunteer hours, so I applied to be a Big Sister, and have done some tutoring and proofreading at school. All my other free time I’ve spent reading or playing board games.

And that’s my free time for today gone. I have 500 pages to study for a psyche test.


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