Quiet on the Front

What a year it has been. A bout a year ago I went back to university, graduated this past June, and start again in a couple of weeks to grind out another class change. I am still undecided if a doctorate will be my ultimate end goal, but I have plenty of time and my sanity has held up quite well. I practically lived at school pulling 12+ hours with very little time for gaming outside of whatever can hold my attention on an iPhone. The Nintendo Switch happened to be a great waste of money for me. I played it twice and have never touched it since. Now, I’m on the fence of whether to part with it in favour of picking up a PS1&2 again or let it continue to gather dust alongside my Wii U. *sigh*.

Board games have been my substitute. I keep several in the boot and they make for great stress-relief breaks and my extraneous money has gone towards crowd funding for new ones. It is also a hobby my father enjoys, so it gives us something to do on weekends. I also attend a few local meetups and it has been fun having a social life. That isn’t to say I haven’t been playing video games. It’s just having so much screen time from school, I like to stare at other objects instead.

Gaming wise, I have been enjoying slogging through Fallout 4. I had quit playing that ages ago when one of my companions glitched away never to be seen again and now it finally got fixed and I have my robot pack-mule again. I know events branch off and I’ve hit that point for one, and so I’m getting everyone else where they need to be so I can just reload saves in order to see the other outcomes. Once the main storyline is all squared away, I’ll be turning my attention back to all that DLC I have. After that, I’m finally going to give Fallout New Vegas a fair go. I snagged it when it was new and found myself put off by the presentation and barely made it past character creation. I think I’m nearing a place where I won’t be so condemning.

I rediscovered Spyro the Dragon. I never finished the game back when it was new. There was some world where I would keep failing some kind of glide where you had to go from sparkly lift to sparkley lift. I don’t know where that was because I just ploughed through most of the game in one sitting and I never encountered that area or problem. I now have the game on PS3 snagging it back when the Spyro collection was a PS+ freebie.

I’ve also been going through Suikoden IV. I just recruited Kika, the pirate captain and have set forth to get some people levelled and geared up. After this game, I plan to revisit Suikoden 1 and progress through to 5. I didn’t complete 3 because my save got corrupted and never started 5. I may take a break after this one and play either Arc the Lad or Wild Arms.

For a few weeks, I was thoroughly addicted to Skyforge until I completed the second story. Now I’m pretty well-finished with it. I feel I’ve gotten all I can from it and MMOs barely hold my attention for long.

World of Final Fantasy has been interesting. I need to strengthen some new monsters, but my drive to grind them has tanked, so I haven’t touched it in awhile. I’ve rather enjoyed it–seeing characters and placing them in their respective titles and recognising music. I didn’t think I would enjoy it that much, but I have.

So that’s how it is. School resumes in a couple weeks and I’ll resume my life as an academic robot. I have no idea what my social life or gaming life will look like this year, but I’ll be around–just probably scarce again.


3 thoughts on “Quiet on the Front”

  1. Yeah, it is quite unfortunate that Nintendo released another system with “capital P” potential and yet doesn’t get the support he needs.

    The most I played of Spyro the Dragon was the third game a long time after the series had ended and I just didn’t care for the collect-a-thon with the eggs. While it was fun for what it was it’s not something necessarily for me.

    1. I expected to just power through it without seeking 100% completion just to scratch it off the list. I soon stopped having much fun when I needed to have rescued so many dragons or collected so many eggs before I could move on to the next world. I am not sure if I’ll go on to play the others I have. I don’t want to go through that again.

      1. That’s the same thing that got me to stop playing Super Mario Galaxy. To open more levels to play a certain number of stars were needed. I wasn’t going to comply since I already didn’t like the feel of the platforming as it was.

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