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This Week on Squiddy Fun Times & Non-splurging

Monday, Monday, Monday. The day where most must not only recover from their weekend, but also deal with the obnoxious parts of life involving various classifications and degrees of the “w” word. For me,  it is also the day I take care of my YouTube channel for the week. While a fun little hobby for me, it hovers precariously closely to the “w” word.

I came to a realisation earlier today when browsing Steam to see what their daily deal is. I realised, I did not buy a lot of things from their Autumn Sale. Last year, I acquired a great deal of stuff from Steam and Good Old Games, quite frankly, more than I would ever be able to play in a year. It seems last year I splurged on only what I felt I needed to and there’s just nothing left for me get. Yes, I have titles still on my wishlists, and yes, many of them are on sale, but the desire to get any of them is fairly low. I have so much to play as it is and I’ve lately been on an oldschool kick picking up PSP, PS2, and DS stuff. I should do some weeding of the wishlist.

Still, I find it very odd that I haven’t gone crazy like last year. Am I finally satisfied with what I have, or is there just nothing worth getting? Or have I just spread everything out and picked up the same amount and it’s all just an illusion? The Squiddy may never know.

In other news, I finally put together an index for all my Let’s Play videos on my YouTube channel. I really got tired of trying to find and see what I had done, so I snapped and spent the hours on a simple index which is at the top of the page. They’re categorized by status (active, finished, and dropped), and I also included my unboxing junk. I plan to do another index of my arcade attract mode videos, but it’s taking a long time. I won’t be resuming that stuff until I have it done as I have so many of them I don’t want to accidentally dupe anything.

I also have several requests for my channel I’m going to start addressing soon in some fashion, but here’s the request list so far:

  • Dark Seed
  • Victor Vector & Yondo: The Cyberplasm Formula
  • The Journeyman Project Turbo!
  • OMSI Bus Simulator
  • Asura Blade – Goat

I did Footee and Alice already, so I may as well keep going with that.

I own Dark Seed and OMSI Bus Simulator already, so that wouldn’t be too hard to deal with. I have no idea how to effing play OMSI and spent about an hour trying to figure out what I was even doing and the controls. It has controller support, but you have to map ALL the keys yourself and there’s just so much it just doesn’t seem worth it. I also couldn’t figure out how to actually drive the bus.

Journeyman Project Turbo! I never heard of and Good Old Games only has 2&3, so that might take some work to find, but 2&3 do intrigue me.

I will probably throw in a Goat video within the next week or two, but the rest I may wait until I finish what I’ve already got on my plate.

And lastly, I thought it’d be nice thing to include what the weekly plans for my channel, livestreams, and game ramblings are, so the following is just that.

Schedule For the Week

Monday Dec 9th
Shadowrun Returns #14

Tuesday Dec 10th
The Cat Lady #4

Wednesday Dec 11th
Squid Dig: FTB Unleashed #4

Thursday  Dec 12th
Papers, Please #5

Saturday Dec 14th
Squiddy’s Game Ramblings