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Squiddy Diaries: Resonance of Fate

For a long, long time this game was wrapped in plastic. I opened it up one day to enjoy that new game feeling opening it up. I finally decided to actually play the damned thing.

Firstly, WTF? We have some weird god machine. I dunno what it does, but it seems the church want to control it and start a new faith. Secondly, what is with that little girl who drank and then tried catching things only she could see? I must say I’m intrigued.

The visuals are a bit busy for my eyes, though, walking around town. It gives me a headache. I hope the entire game isn’t like that. I’m liking the music, too. I must have the soundtrack.

I have completed the prologue. I made sure to finish up all my guild quests before advancing, since they don’t carry over. My overall levels are around five and I’ve been upgrading my guns. I also bought an accessory for everyone. I don’t recall what it is, but it will auto attack at the end of a turn providing I had at least 1 charge stored up.

That cardinal is a disturby horrible with that awful haircut and “love me” tee. Just, wow.

I really like the combat system. I don’t want to say it’s complex, but it’s the most strategic i’ve seen in an active battle system. You have to really be mindful of what you do, or you’ll find yourself screwed and unable to act because your gauge ran out. One careless oversight can cost you dearly. You really need to understand how it works, or it’s gonna be hard and frustrating.

I picked up all the guild quests I could and did a little bit of grinding before calling it quits for the night.  After the Superbowl, more gun fun.