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Papers, Please #5 (Let’s Play)

Squiddy returns to her little gated cube at the border to try and keep her family alive. When asked about a strange organisation of bad people, she gave up the strange decoder and, well, bad things happened. And bad things continued to happen.

Enjoy the bleak mirth below.


Squid Dig: FTB Unleashed #4 (Survival Let’s Play)

Oh, the joys of building a house are without number. So many decisions and so much crap Squiddy can’t/won’t do out of a hovel. Still, she puts in a floor for the bedroom that looks nice enough.

Enjoy this next episode below:

Shadowrun Returns #11 (Let’s Play)

Squiddy has a mission to do! She must not die in the warehouse so Shanon can summon some freaky spirits so we can get some answers about all this ripper business. It’s too bad about her brother. Things don’t look particularly good, as Squiddy’s already near death to begin with. *sigh*. Let’s hope this isn’t her final run.

Enjoy this episode below.