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Shadowrun Returns #14 (Let’s Play)

With the crazy dead, there still remains some loose ends and unanswered questions. Well, it’s time to get some answers and that (bleep) of a sister is gonna give us some, if she knows what’s good for her.

Enjoy this episode below.


Shadowrun Returns #13 (Let’s Play)

And it all comes down to this: taking down Dr. Holmes and bringing justice to the Emerald City Ripper! But before he makes an appearrance, she’ll have to take out more goons including a special one renamed “Pretzel.”

Enjoy this episode below.

Shadowrun Returns #11 (Let’s Play)

Squiddy has a mission to do! She must not die in the warehouse so Shanon can summon some freaky spirits so we can get some answers about all this ripper business. It’s too bad about her brother. Things don’t look particularly good, as Squiddy’s already near death to begin with. *sigh*. Let’s hope this isn’t her final run.

Enjoy this episode below.

Shadowrun Returns #10 (Let’s Play)

Now that Thulhuween is over and Squiddy is on the mend from the zombie plague, she returned to the streets of Seattle to continue her investigation of the Ripper murders so she can get paid by her dead friend the hundred grand all the trouble’s worth. This involves a chat with Sam’s sister, Jessica, and the hiring of a crew to return to the warehouse and deal with some spirits and Lone Star. The chat with Jessica seemed far longer and less useful than it probably should have been, and Squiddy hires a rigger and street samurai to take care of the warehouse business. Looks like she’ll have to shoot through some mercs that busted in after something.

So much for that milk run.

Enjoy this episode below.

Shadowrun Returns #9 (Let’s Play)

Another fine Monday of wandering the streets of Seattle looking for a killer. Well, it would have been, but Squiddy agreed to help Coyote out with a certain sibling problem she’s having. So, instead of furthering her goals to finding the Ripper, she has to wander through some dingy BTL lab, Yakuza owned-no less, so Coyote can deal with some harsh realities. We all knew this was coming, but on the plus side, karma is good and there will be a new party member waiting for us at The Seamstress’ Union. At least, hopefully that will be Jessica’s worth. Money could be useful, too.

Have a looksie below and enjoy the cleanup of BTL lab and Squiddie’s first death.

Shadowrun Returns is an isometric turn-based tactical RPG by Harebrained Schemes with a story that fits in with the previous Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games. The music is actually a collaboration by the same composers what did the previous two games, that coupled with the fact there’s in-house Shadowrun franchise veterans, this game is one huge Shadowrungasm.