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The Blackwell Legacy (Let’s Play) #1

The Blackwell Legacy is the first game in a four part indie adventure game series by Wadjet Eyes Games and released in 2006. A fifth is due out in 2013.

You play as¬†¬†Rosangela Blackwell, a freelance writer that does movie reviews for some small local New York paper. The game begins after spreading the ashes of your aunt into a river and some very strange things follow, which you will see in the video. I don’t wish to spoil.

The game operates like most point-and-click adventure games, and at times has very interesting dialogue responses based on what -kind- of response it is such as paranoid, defensive, sarcastic, and polite. These were very surprising and difficult for me as I am unsure what sort of impact they have on the game.

In this first video, I deal with some of life’s annoyances (mainly a stupid kid I’d like to punch), and learn more about what my dead aunt had been going through. Things get further interesting after reading through a stack full of my aunt’s correspondence. This is the point where I truly became interested and hooked in the game. I wrap things up after getting an assignment to write about a college student suicide for that same paper I write movie reviews for.

Check it out below and enjoy.