The Cat Lady #4 (Let’s Play)

Squiddy resumes her escape of the hospital only to have another depressing therapy session and further weird events. Just what the hell is wrong with Susan?

Enjoy this episode below.


The Cat Lady #3 (Let’s Play)

Squiddy needs to escape the hospital and go home, but it’s not quite so easy. She manages to find a way, but not without encountering horrific weirds while still questioning whether she truly lives again. She’s pretty sure it’s all filthy lies.

Enjoy this episode below.

The Cat Lady #1 (Let’s Play)

Squiddy stares into the eyes of Teacup, one of her cats, after downing 34 sleeping pills. Once things fuzz out to nothing, she finds herself in a strange place. Just what is this place and what is expected she do here? After wandering the strange area, she starts to get some answers.

Enjoy the first episode of a new Squiddy Plays series below.