September 2019 VS. Backloggery

Overall, September has been good to me–cooler weather and far less pollen. Yes, a much more survivable climate for a squid. This month has also granted me more free time to spend on books, painting the pieces of table-top games, and, of course, playing games. With more free time, I also had the time to […]

Buys Before the Storm

According to the weather, we had a mere 50% chance of seeing rain and any kind of storm. What happened, is everything hit those perfect conditions that suddenly thrust us into a war zone versus Nature. I pulled into the garage just as the first peal of thunder shook the house. It bore an ominous […]

Quiet on the Front

What a year it has been. A bout a year ago I went back to university, graduated this past June, and start again in a couple of weeks to grind out another class change. I am still undecided if a doctorate will be my ultimate end goal, but I have plenty of time and my […]

2016 Retrospect

Well, this year has flown past and so many big things have happened. I didn’t do a whole lot of gaming, at least in the video sense, but since being on break from school I’ve experienced a hardcore resurgence. I have Pokemon Moon to thank. I started taking my 3DS to school and it had […]

Still Alive

Holy crap does time fly! School started September 26th and the weeks have flown past. Things have been going very well for me. My head is swimming with the future. I have three options on the table with no clue which to pursue. My resolution is to make it through the quarter and see how […]

Bandaged Tentacles NO MORE!

I’m nearly shocked I didn’t write this post sooner, but I’ve been so thrilled to be out of bandages I’ve been doing all kinds of things just happy I am able to do things. This Monday past, my bandages finally came off allowing me to do things again. They get fatigued rather quickly and I’ve […]

New Purchases- Steam Lunar New Year Sale

And I was doing so well. After my day finished, I logged onto to Steam to see if the Deal-of-the-Day was anything I needed, and low and behold, massive sale time. I took a look at my wishlist, sighed forlornly at its massive size, then spent a good two-and-a-half hours meticulously going through each one […]