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Papers, Please #5 (Let’s Play)

Squiddy returns to her little gated cube at the border to try and keep her family alive. When asked about a strange organisation of bad people, she gave up the strange decoder and, well, bad things happened. And bad things continued to happen.

Enjoy the bleak mirth below.


Squid Dig: FTB Unleashed #4 (Survival Let’s Play)

Oh, the joys of building a house are without number. So many decisions and so much crap Squiddy can’t/won’t do out of a hovel. Still, she puts in a floor for the bedroom that looks nice enough.

Enjoy this next episode below:

Squid Dig: FTB Unleashed #2 (Survival Let’s Play)

Despite how visually uninteresting the area around spawn is, there’s quite a bit of useful stuff around. There’s the Big Pit of Stuffs with all those ores, some crevasses snaking through the wood supply, an exposed lava pit, and several bee hives. It really isn’t a bad place to start. Goodies can be transported a variety of ways to other locations, so she’ll at least ravage this little area first. Starting with trees.

Enjoy this next episode below:

Squid Dig: FTB Unleashed #1 (Survival Let’s Play)

So, on a normal Monday, Squiddy typically sits down with some tea and fires up Shadowrun Returns for some good ol’ fashioned magic-infused cyberpunk action. Alas, that hasn’t been the case for a little while. Squiddy’s desire to play that game is lessened knowing she must head back for medical supplies or not make it through the next sections which are likely combat filled. And when Squiddy is indecisive about what to play, she almost always fires up Minecraft. She decided to record, since this is a common practice.

Squiddy started up a new world, Squid Dig, using Feed The Beast’s Unleashed modpack for Minecraft 1.5.2. There isn’t a whole lot to do in the beginning other than find a safe place for the first few nights and Squiddy resorted to her staple: digging a hovel in the side of a hill. She also rambles off about life and gets irritated that there are four different version of copper in the pack.

Enjoy this new series below: