Godus (Beta 1.2.1) #1 (Let’s Play)

Godus is an indie game developed by 22Cans and released in 2013. It’s a god sim by genius Peter Molyneux who gave us the wonderful Black & White games, Populous, and Dungeon Keeper. That’s entirely the reason Squiddy jumped on this. It’s been awhile since a game like this, a good game, has surfaced, so it warrants attention.

Behold Squiddy’s first ventures and first day of being a god below and enjoy.


On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness #13 (Let’s Play)

It seems Squiddy’s use for tokens extends beyond the prizes she won earlier. She must repair a broken fortune telling machine and do its bidding. Slaughtering of clowns happens to be the first item on fate’s menu.

On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness #12 (Let’s Play)

Determined to get enough tokens to buy the mini ferris wheel and broken Phonograph, Squiddy continues playing the games at Pelican Bay. Much to her surprise, it didn’t take nearly as long as she thought. Scratch the Urinologist side quest off the books.

Enjoy this episode below.

On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness #11 (Let’s Play)

Done with the factory, Squiddy finally enters Pelican Bay in search of tokens to exchange for the broken phonograph, and the ferris wheel replica. She meets a former mime with a great deal of disturbing things to say regarding the mime cult and their dark god, not to mention some evil tome, and encounters clowns for the first time. Squiddy never knew they had explosive noses.

Enjoy the latest episode below.

On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness #10 (Let’s Play)

Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Developed by Hothead Games and released in 2008, is the first title in a four part series. It is a comical single-player RPG  based on the Penny Arcade webcomic.  Hothead did the first two titles in the series with Zeboyd Games finishing up the remaining two.

At the start of her adventures, Squiddy’s house had been practically leveled under the foot of a giant rampaging robot. Homeless, and angry, she joined up with Tycho and Gabe for some revenge.

In today’s episode, Squiddy clears out a robot factory manned by hobos and is thrilled to collect enough parts to upgrade Tycho’s gun. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to try it out. That boss fight consumed too many resources what needed replenishin’.


Shadowrun Returns #9 (Let’s Play)

Another fine Monday of wandering the streets of Seattle looking for a killer. Well, it would have been, but Squiddy agreed to help Coyote out with a certain sibling problem she’s having. So, instead of furthering her goals to finding the Ripper, she has to wander through some dingy BTL lab, Yakuza owned-no less, so Coyote can deal with some harsh realities. We all knew this was coming, but on the plus side, karma is good and there will be a new party member waiting for us at The Seamstress’ Union. At least, hopefully that will be Jessica’s worth. Money could be useful, too.

Have a looksie below and enjoy the cleanup of BTL lab and Squiddie’s first death.

Shadowrun Returns is an isometric turn-based tactical RPG by Harebrained Schemes with a story that fits in with the previous Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games. The music is actually a collaboration by the same composers what did the previous two games, that coupled with the fact there’s in-house Shadowrun franchise veterans, this game is one huge Shadowrungasm.

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream #2 (Let’s Play)

Squiddy Guu moves onto Ellen who has quite the phobia for yellow things. It’s so extreme it paralyses, sickens, otherwise hinders,  and drives Squiddy crazy. She also isn’t too keen on all the yellow, either. It’s so prevalent and ugly. Things become clear when Ellen must confront that which is the cause of her fears.

Take a gander below to watch Squiddy complete Ellen’s story in part to of I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream.